1. Who is required to file a Declaration of Foreign Assets?

All-natural persons who for tax purposes are considered resident in Colombia and who own assets abroad on January 1st of each year.

2. How do you declare Foreign Assets while in another country?

It can be done on the DIAN’S website, using the DIAN’s electronic signature. The Declaration of Foreign Assets must detail all assets acquired in other countries and their value, separate from Colombian assets.

3. What is the deadline for filing a Foreign Assets?

For natural persons required to declare, it is the same deadline as the income statement.

Wealth Tax Return

1. Who is required to file a Wealth Tax return?
Natural persons, national or foreign, who on January 1, 2019, own assets in Colombia of an amount equal to or greater than $500,000,000 COP.

2. What is the Wealth Tax rate?
The rate is 1% of gross value of Colombian net worth.

3. What is the deadline for filing a Wealth Tax return?
Taxpayers required to file this return must cancel the total value of tax payment owed by making two (2) installments payments by the following dates:

First Installment Payment

Declaration and Second Payment Installment

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